Friday, January 14, 2011


Dear My Shahrul Nizam ,

B sayanggg,
After 3 months , u’ll leave me .  I've been missing u a lot sayang . Bby knw and undrstand why u terpaksa leave me alone . U’ve worked , and ur job not same with everybody . I terpaksa accepted that even actually very difficult to me , sayang . I know u know what i’m feel , right? But don’t worry . Bby promise wth i’m said to u b4 this .

Even u not miss to text or call me , i still feel lonely & boring . Sometimes, i didn't know what to do while waiting for u . Sayang , just want so u know , I’ll try to be strong like u taught me . Being away from u is a hardest to do in my life but since there's nothing else we can do , I'll be strong for u .

Anyway sayang , I just want u to know that u've done a great job while being with me . I know u have tried ur very best to make me happy , to be there for me and until today u never failed dear . Never failed to make me smile even I'm moody , laugh my ass off like there's only the two of us there , come to meet me almost everyday even i knw actually u so tired .

Sometimes u force me to eat even i’m feel kenyang or not in mood . If bby dnt want eat , even u didn't know why , b msti pujuk bby smpai kena makan jugak . Asking me if I'm okay everytime I keep quite without text or call during u tengah keja . Sometimes , i knw u terpaksa listen to my stories even it's boring , teach how to saving , solve my problem just because don’t want i’m careless , support me in everything that I want to do , and never fail to tell me that u love and miss me so much every single day of ur life .

And there's a lot of things actually I want to wrote , say .. And this is just a quarter of it . Sayanggg , thanks for doing this stuff for me . Most important thing u’ve know is u da banyak berubah . I see this . I’m happy for u . I’m really appreciate what u doing for u and also me . B , now you're one and only for me syg . I'm grateful because I meet u and fall deeply in love with u . I'm happy to be with u and I hope u'll feel the same way too . I'm so sorry about my mistakes , I mean look what I've done to u sayang sometimes bby merajuk , sensitive , emotional , think negative bout u and etc  . Kesian b . Sorry yaa sygg . Tak sengaja but mengada – ngada jee . Hee . Jangan marah tau . ( ^_^ ) Now and forever , remember I'll always love u with all of my heart . With

Sincere with love .
Husnaa Ismaill .

Hangout at Pavilion .

Play games at Mines .

Dating at taman . 

Karaoke time at KTV .

Birthday boy at Karaoke , Mines .

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